Reward Hall Recognition Platform

Reward Hall is a platform for creating employee recognition pages that are e-mailed out to the company. Recognized employees are rewarded digital gift cards for their achievements.

The Mandala Book

The Mandala Book allows you to create awesome coloring book designs and share them online. It uses a simple algorithm to repeat shapes that generates very cool designs that anybody can make.

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Science of Aging Web

This site is for listing resources available to the community of gerontology researchers. The user interface allows users to add protocol files, videos, links, events, and articles. It has an open work flow system that allows non-members to contribute content with moderator approval.

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Collaborative Research Portal

A collection of research databases and tools for the Aging Research Core Collaboration team that allows users to search compiled lifespan data across hundreds of lifespan experiments. Analysis pipelines compile raw experiment data into downloadable reports and plots.

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Lifespan Observation Database

The Lifespan Observation Database collects published lifespan data across multiple species. This database stores lifespan measurements under various intervention conditions across a wide range of model organisms.

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